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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mt final Paper

My final paper is not completed, but I am finishing it.  It seems that there are many obsticles that get in the way.  It is best to write on something we kind of know about.  I think free writing and brainstorming is a good technique of getting started on writing.  Next do research on our topics.  Next we need to find out how to put our paper together.  The paper needs to be interesting and informative.  I think everything can be argumentive.  There is more pressured on finishing correctly than anything.  My paper is on Preventing Teenage Pregnancy.  Teenage pregnancy can be a touchy subject and preventing pregnancy can lead to many argument on what should be done.  I think my paper will be persuasive and informative.  I hope it is interesting to read.  Many don't want to think about their teen getting pregnant or having sex, but it is a issue in today's society.  This is a issue that should be discussed between the teen and their parents.  I hope by writing my paper it help people realize that it is a problem and what to do to prevent teenage pregnancy

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