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Monday, November 8, 2010

Time Management

Time seem to just go tto fast.  I took a seminar to help me manage time, but it still is hard to stay on schedule.  I work and full time job and most of the time I am very tired.  Some days I can stay on schedule and have time for myself.  Lately it has been hard to do especiall now since the time has changed.  I have to adjust to it being dark before 6 p.m.  Sometimes it seem like my brain freeze up and I forget what is going on and I get off track.. My classes are more demanding each time.  I have been out of school for many years and just when I think I got everything on track I get off schedule and it takes a minute to get it together.  Some days I have more things to do.  If something throws me off, I am out in space for a while.  I have teenagers and it seems like they always have things going on that includes me.  My husband isn't any help because he don't have a clue sometimes.  I am the glue that hold everything together.  I wonder what would happen if I disappear for a day and they can't find me.  I am trying to do better with my schedule and maintaining my time.  I sort of have it together when boom someone needs me to take them here, do this, and do that.  I am going to let everyone know that unless they are dieing, they will not interupt what I have plan and that's that.

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